Extended Precision Format

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Extended Precision Implementations - IEEE 754 Extended Precision Formats
754 floating point standard recommends that implementations provide extended precision formats ... The standard specifies the minimum requirements for an extended format but does not specify an encoding ... The x86 and x86-64 and Itanium processors support an 80-bit "double extended" extended precision format with a 64-bit significand ...
X86 Extended Precision Format - Need For The 80-bit Format
... A notable example of the need for a minimum of 64 bits of precision in the significand of the extended precision format is the need to avoid precision loss ... to perform exponentiation using the equation In order to avoid precision loss, the intermediate results "log2 x" and "y log2 x" must be computed with much higher precision because effectively both the ... An IEEE 754 double precision value can be represented as where s is the sign of the exponent (either 0 or 1), E is the unbiased exponent which is an integer that ranges from 0 to 1023 ...

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