Experix is an open-source command interpreter designed for operating laboratory equipment, especially data acquisition devices, and processing, displaying and storing the data from them. It is usable now, only under Linux on the x86 architecture, but still under development, and users are welcome to participate in extending and improving it.

Experix is radically different from most commercial data acquisition programs, for example LabVIEW, which model a measurement and control application as a network of operational units represented graphically as boxes with connections that stand for data flow. In these systems an application is created by manipulating these symbols on the screen, and then it is used by clicking buttons and filling dialog boxes in a GUI environment.

Experix, in contrast, represents the application as a series of operations generally taking place one after another. It processes a command line in a sequential way, and numbers, operators, functions and commands in the command line consume and create objects on a stack. These objects include integers and floating-point numbers in several sizes, complex and polar numbers, multi-dimensional arrays made from any of the numerical types, several kinds of strings, and pointers to functions, commands and variables (which can be numbers, arrays and strings). A function, command or operator requires certain types of objects on the stack and puts objects on the stack, and may also change values in stack objects and variables, draw graphs, order operations in device drivers, and read and write files.

Experix is released under the GNU GPL.

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Experix - Limitations
... Currently, experix is only available for Linux and, due to assembly language code, only on the x86 architecture ... At present the only graphics support for experix is with svgalib ... It is possible to have an experix graphics session in one virtual terminal and text or X sessions in others, and switch between them with the keys ...