• (noun): The act of exhausting something entirely.
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Emotional Exhaustion - Implications
... Researches have linked emotional exhaustion to a plethora of ailments, and a general breakdown in feelings of community ... However, a growing body of research has begun to demonstrate that emotional exhaustion can have deleterious consequences for organizations as well For example, Russell Cropanzano and his colleagues ... They suggest that emotional exhaustion can be seen as a cost that qualifies the value of any benefits received through employment, and so that an ...
Midgard (role-playing Game) - Game Mechanics
... its 1985 edition, was the first role-playing game system that separated exhaustion points from hit points ... While the number of exhaustion points increases with the character's level, hit points usually remain constant ... Spells, however, cost exhaustion points and differ in the number of points they cost ...
List Of Deaths On Eight-thousanders - Makalu
... Exhaustion 14 May 2001 Eric Resch Australia Disappearance 16 May 2000 Bernd Mehnert Germany prob ... Russia Rockfall 21 May 1997 Salavat Khabibullin Russia Exhaustion 14 May 1996 Anatoli Chlekht Russia Fall 8 May 1995 David Hume Australia Fall 8 October 1991 Takumi Ishizaka Japan ...
Eroto-comatose Lucidity - Similar Rites
... A similar rite of sexual exhaustion described by Crowley leads not to spiritual communing but a sort of vampirism ... Crowley claimed that when the ritualist is pushed to the point of death from sexual exhaustion in this way, the ritualist's spirit is enslaved by the aides and his or her power ... incorporates Crowley's ideas about sexual exhaustion, but concludes that the ritualist's will is what sends the spirit forth to bond with higher power ...
Presenteeism - Consequences - Poor Health and Exhaustion
... Exhaustion and future poor health are often other consequents of presenteeism ... found that presenteeism resulted in increased exhaustion ...

More definitions of "exhaustion":

  • (noun): Extreme fatigue.

Famous quotes containing the word exhaustion:

    The becoming of man is the history of the exhaustion of his possibilities.
    Susan Sontag (b. 1933)