• (noun): A state of being carried away by overwhelming emotion.
    Synonyms: ecstasy, rapture, transport, raptus
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Leśno, Chojnice County - Church of The Exaltation of The Holy Cross
... The Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross in Leśno dates back as far as 1643 and has the highest wooden tower in Poland ... Miraculously, the Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross escaped major damage during the First and Second World Wars ...
Barren Sign
... Mars, a sterill planet hath that for his house, and the Sun for Exaltation, is rather a Sign of Barrennesse than otherwise ... house of Venus, who is fruitful, and the exaltation of the Moon ... the most fruitful and bountiful Sign, it being the house of the Moon, and the exaltation of Jupiter ...
Beliefs And Practices Of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints - Theology and Doctrine - Family and Gender - Exaltation and Marriage
... Main article Exaltation (LDS Church) In consequence of the atonement of Jesus Christ, a son or daughter of God the Father may overcome physical and spiritual death and return to live with God ... gift of God"—are said to enter into a state of "exaltation" after they are resurrected ... Exaltation is also called "salvation" or "eternal life" ...
Mormon Cosmology - Divinity - Exaltation and Eternal Progression
... In Mormonism, the goal of each adherent is to achieve "exaltation" via the atonement of Jesus, as a result of which they inherit all the attributes of God the Father, including godhood ... According to the belief, exaltation is available only to those who have earned the highest "degree" of the Celestial Kingdom ... Though not necessary, their exaltation can be "sealed upon them" by the Holy Ghost via the Second Anointing ...

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  • (noun): The location of a planet in the zodiac at which it is believed to exert its maximum influence.
  • (noun): A flock of larks (especially a flock of larks in flight overhead).

Famous quotes containing the word exaltation:

    None but a poet can write a tragedy. For tragedy is nothing less than pain transmuted into exaltation by the alchemy of poetry.
    Edith Hamilton (1867–1963)