Evolutionary Informatics

Evolutionary informatics is a subfield of informatics addressing the practice of information processing in, and the engineering of information systems for, the study of biological evolution, as well as the study of information in evolutionary systems, natural and artificial.

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Evolutionary Informatics - Controversy
... among his web pages at the Baylor University website some pages regarding an "Evolutionary Informatics Laboratory" (EIL) ... As of February August 2012, the publications portion of the Evolutionary Informatics Laboratory's website highlights seven major papers by Marks and Dembski et ... a list of published papers and books on related topics by Affiliates of The Evolutionary Informatics Lab ...
Evolutionary Informatics Lab - History of The Website
... The declared purpose of the Evolutionary Informatics Lab is as follows ... "Evolutionary informatics merges theories of evolution and information, thereby wedding the natural, engineering, and mathematical sciences ... Evolutionary informatics studies how evolving systems incorporate, transform, and export information ...
Evolutionary Informatics Lab
... The Evolutionary Informatics Lab is a cyberspace entity created in 2007 by Baylor University professor Robert J ... Marks II conducting research on mathematical details of evolutionary computation and purported to underlie intelligent design It defines evolutionary informatics and serves as a showcase for those researchers' writings ...

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