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Auto Play - From Detection To Application - Events and Handlers
... by the Shell Hardware Detection service is termed an Event ... There are four different types of Events the Arrival and Removal of "Devices" and the Arrival and Removal of "Media" ... These Event types are labelled appropriately DeviceArrival, DeviceRemoval, MediaArrival and MediaRemoval ...
Donald Davidson (philosopher) - Work - Mental Events
... In "Mental Events" (1970) Davidson advanced a form of token identity theory about the mind token mental events are identical to token physical events ... is possible that each individual mental event just is the corresponding physical event, without there being laws relating types (as opposed to tokens) of mental ... it claims that only one thing is at issue in questions of mental and physical events anomalous (from a-, "not," and omalos, "regular") because mental and physical event types could not be ...
Cardboard Tube Fighting League - Event Types
... CTFL tournaments generally range between 24 to 64 participants and have a multi-stage tournament structure ... During the first and second rounds, participants must use the same tube ...

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    He’s one of those know-it-all types that, if you flatter the wig off him, he chatter like a goony bird at mating time.
    —Michael Blankfort. Lewis Milestone. Johnson (Reginald Gardner)

    When we awoke, we found a heavy dew on our blankets. I lay awake very early, and listened to the clear, shrill ah, te te, te te, te of the white-throated sparrow, repeated at short intervals, without the least variation, for half an hour, as if it could not enough express its happiness. Whether my companions heard it or not, I know not, but it was a kind of matins to me, and the event of the forenoon.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)