Evans V United Kingdom - Timeline


The timeline of the case is as follows:

  • June 2000 - Natallie Evans and Howard Johnston, who have been together a year, become engaged
  • October 2001 - Ms Evans, from Trowbridge, Wiltshire, is diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and is offered a cycle of IVF treatment before treatment because her fertility will be affected
  • November 2001 - Eleven eggs are produced and fertilised, resulting in six embryos which are frozen and placed in storage
  • Summer 2002 - Mr Johnston, who lives in Cheltenham, writes to the Bath, Somerset clinic storing the embryos asking for them to be destroyed after the couple had split
  • June 2003 - Ms Evans, and another woman Lorraine Hadley, from Baswich, Staffordshire, go to the High Court seeking permission to use frozen embryos against their exes wishes
  • October 2003 - the High Court of Justice rules against Ms Evans and Mrs Hadley. Mrs Hadley decides to end her legal battle, but Ms Evans vows to continue
  • January 2004 - Ms Evans seeks leave to appeal against the High Court judgement
  • June 2004 - The Appeal Court also rules that Ms Evans cannot use the embryos without Mr Johnston's consent
  • November 2004 - the Law Lords refuse her permission to take her case to the House of Lords
  • February 2005 - Ms Evans lodges an appeal with the European Court of Human Rights
  • September 2005 - The European Court hears her case
  • March 2006 - Ms Evans hears the court has ruled against her, and says she will seek leave to appeal to the Grand Chamber of the European Court
  • 10 April 2007 - Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights hears case, and rules against Ms Evans

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