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Time In Europe - Time Zones
... Time of Day Common Time Zone Name Coordinated Universal Time 2032, July 17, 2013 (GMT / BST) Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) Western European Time (WET ...
Central European Time
... Central European Time (CET), used in most parts of the European Union, is a standard time that is 1 hour ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) ... The time offset from UTC can be written as +0100 ... The same standard time, UTC+0100, is also known as Middle European Time (MET, German MEZ) and under other names ...
World War I Reparations - Impact On The German Economy
... For example, Keynes believed European output in iron would decrease, but by 1929 iron output in Europe was up 10% from the 1913 figure. 30 years, but Mantoux contends that German rearmament spending was seven times as much as that figure in each year between 1933 and 1939 The American historian Sally Marks commented the figure ... the Ruhr within a year.” The Dawes Plan was a momentous moment in European history as it marked the first time that Germany had succeeded in defying Versailles, and revised an aspect of the treaty ...

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    And who in time knowes whither we may vent
    The treasure of our tongue, to what strange shores
    This gaine of our best glorie shal be sent,
    T’inrich unknowing Nations with our stores?
    What worlds in th’yet unformed Occident
    May come refin’d with th’accents that are ours?
    Samuel Daniel (c. 1562–1619)

    If Germany, thanks to Hitler and his successors, were to enslave the European nations and destroy most of the treasures of their past, future historians would certainly pronounce that she had civilized Europe.
    Simone Weil (1909–1943)