European Federation of National Engineering Associations - The FEANI Register and European Engineer Status

The FEANI Register and European Engineer Status

FEANI maintains a register of professionally qualified engineers from member countries. Individuals may have their names added to the register through the national member institution of their own country. To register, candidates need to have undergone at least seven years of "formation" including at least three years of engineering education and at least two years of professional engineering experience. (The balance of three years can be made up of any combination of engineering education, training and professional engineering experience.)

FEANI grants engineers whose names are on the FEANI register the title European Engineer and the corresponding "Eur Ing", "EUR ING" prefix. However, European Engineer and the Eur Ing designation are not legally recognised in all countries. The European Commission has acclaimed the register as a good example of a profession's self-regulation, and indicated that member states will find the FEANI register helpful when deciding whether foreign engineers are qualified to practice; the Commission concluded that engineers on the register "should not normally be required to undertake an adaptation period or sit an aptitude test" in order to practice in European countries.

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