European Federation of National Engineering Associations - List of National Members

List of National Members

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Austria Österreichisches Nationalkomitee der FEANI
Belgium Comité National Belge de la FEANI (CNB/BNC)
Bulgaria Federation of Scientific Technical Unions in Bulgaria (FNTS)
Cyprus FEANI Cyprus National Committee
Czech Republic Czech Association of Scientific and Technical Societies (CSVTS)
Denmark Ingeniørforeningen i Danmark (IDA)
Estonia Estonian Association of Engineers
Finland The Finnish National Committee for FEANI
France Conseil National des Ingenieurs et des Scientifiques de France (CNISF)
Germany Deutscher Verband Technisch-Wissenschaftlicher Vereine (DVT)
Greece Technical Chamber of Greece(TEE)
Hungary Hungarian National Committee for FEANI
Iceland Association of Chartered Engineers of Iceland
Ireland The Institution of Engineers of Ireland (IEI)
Italy Consiglio Nazionale Ingegneri (CNI)
Luxembourg Comité National de la FEANI
Macedonia Engineering Institution of Macedonia
Malta Chamber of Engineers
Netherlands Netherlands National FEANI Committee
Poland Polish Federation of Engineering Associations
Portugal Ordem dos Engenheiros
Romania The General Association of Engineers in Romania (AGIR)
Slovakia Slovak National Committee for FEANI (SNKF)
Slovenia Slovenian National Committee for FEANI
Spain Comité Nacional Español de la FEANI
Sweden Swedish National Committee for FEANI
Switzerland Schweizer Nationalkomitee für FEANI
United Kingdom Engineering Council UK

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