European Community Urgent Radiological Information Exchange

European Community Urgent Radiological Information Exchange

The European Community Urgent Radiological Information Exchange (ECURIE) is the European early notification system in the event of a radiological or nuclear emergency.

The ECURIE system has two message types: an ECURIE Alert message, which implies an emergency notification under Euratom and an ECURIE Information message, which is a voluntary notification of smaller events and incidents. The possibility of sending ECURIE Information messages was introduced by the Commission in 2001. Since then, there have been more than 20 information messages.

In 1987, the European Council mandated an early notification and information exchange system that:

requires from the ECURIE Member States that they promptly notify the European Commission (EC) and all the Member States potentially affected when they intend to take counter-measures in order to protect their population against the effects of a radiological or nuclear accident. The EC will immediately forward this notification to all Member States. Following this first notification, all Member States are required to inform the Commission at appropriate intervals about the measures they take and the radioactivity levels they have measured.

All 27 EU Member States have signed the ECURIE agreement, as well as Switzerland and the Republic of Macedonia. Turkey and Iceland have also been invited.

ECURIE is operated by the DG ENER of the European Commission with the Joint Research Centre responsible for technical development.

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