Eugene J. Carpenter House

The Eugene J. Carpenter House, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, is a house listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Its original owner, Eugene J. Carpenter, was a family member and executive of Carpenter Brothers Lumber Company, as well as vice-chairman of the Minneapolis Society of Fine Arts. The Carpenter Family was partially responsible for the implementation of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, The Minnesota Orchestra and Orchestra Hall. Mrs. E.J. Carpenter was a prominent founder of the Minneapolis Art movement, a member of the national and well known member and contributor to the state and local Minneapolis Garden Society.

The E. J. Carpenter Family was a prominent contributing family throughout the state and nation in the arts, music and politics. Before the Carpenter family was forced to completely remodel the home due to a fire that took out much of the main and second floors as well as all of the front Victorian detailing as well as the pillars, porches and summer veranda enclosure, the style was Queen Anne Victorian style. However E.J. Carpenter wanted the home to be more in line at the time with the other homes within the Carpenter properties in Clifton Court, such as the Federal Revival Style home at 314 Clifton Avenue, which was his brothers, E.L. Carpenters' home. The property was 2 1/2 stories, and is now 3 stories with attic and a flat roof where you can take in beautiful views. E.J. Carpenter then repaired his home and increased the size and style to Georgian Variation of Colonial Revival. The primary lot is .30 Acre, and the Primary Residence is Approximately 14,000 Sq. Ft., with 12 bedrooms, and 5 bathrooms with an additional 2 bathrooms being added and another being renovated. The Carriage house is Approximately 6500 Sq. Ft., with 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 3 offices on Main level with 1 bathroom, 4 car garage and lower level office, work space. The attached, .29 acre, second lot was originally Mrs. Carpenter's luxurious English and European Gardens, which on many occasions was highly acclaimed and won a local and national award.

Today, unfortunately, it is a parking lot which the city changed for the then resident ownership to use for 20+ parking spaces in the late 1960s due to the street and parking situation.

The new owners have also been in contact with several national TV outlets to have a variety of projects completed and filmed for television.

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