Etruscan Vase

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Ancient Greek Vase Painting - Rediscovery and Scholarship
... Though modest collections of vases recovered from ancient tombs in Italy were made in the 15th and 16th centuries these were regarded as Etruscan ... that Lorenzo de Medici bought several Attic vases directly from Greece however the connection between them and the examples excavated in central Italy was not made ... Geschichte der Kunst des Alterthums of 1764 first refuted the Etruscan origin of what we now know to be Greek pottery yet Sir William Hamilton's two collections, one lost at sea the other ...
Mirage Of Astronomical Objects - Inferior Mirage of Astronomical Objects
... One well-known shape, the Etruscan vase, was named by Jules Verne ... As the sunset progresses the shape of Etruscan vase slowly changes the stem of the vase gets shorter until the real and the miraged Suns create a new shape – Greek letter omega Ω ... of the rays, its disk seemed to change till it looked like an Etruscan vase, with bulging sides, standing on the water On very rare occasions the mirages of astronomical ...

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