Etn or ETN may refer to:

  • Erythritol tetranitrate, an explosive chemical compound
  • Exchange-traded note, a synthetic financial derivative
  • Erie Times-News, the daily newspaper in Erie, Pennsylvania
  • Eaton Corporation (NYSE: ETN), a diversified industrial manufacturer

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Erythritol Tetranitrate - Properties
... ETN has a relatively high velocity of detonation of 8000-8100 m/s at a density of 1.6 g/cm3 ... ETN is commonly cast into mixtures with other high explosives ... ETN dissolves readily in acetone and other ketone solvents though for the purpose of recrystallization, slow cooling of a saturated solution in ethanol from 55 °C gives much better results with ...
Exchange-traded Note - Pros and Cons of ETNs - Disadvantages - Credit Risk & Lack of Risk Metrics
... ETNs, as debt instruments, are subject to risk of default by the issuing bank as counter party ... This is the major design difference between ETFs and ETNs ETFs are only subject to market risk whereas ETNs are subject to both market risk and the risk of default by the ... ETN investors will require a credit risk metric that facilitates answer to questions regarding the magnitude of the risk and its variation with time ...
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... ELEMENTS Rogers Metal ETN (NYSE RJZ) iPath Dow Jones-AIG Industrial Metals ETN (NYSE JJM) iPath Dow Jones-AIG Copper ETN (NYSE JJC) PowerShares DB Base Metals (NY ...
Erythritol Tetranitrate
... Erythritol tetranitrate (ETN) is an explosive compound chemically similar to PETN ... ETN is not well known, but in recent years has been used by amateur experimenters to replace PETN in improvised detonation cord or in boosters to initiate larger, less sensitive explosive charges ... as a natural sweetener and its relative ease of production in relation to PETN, ETN is a favoured home made explosive compound to the amateur experimenter ...