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List Of United States Treaties - U.S. International Treaties - 1900–1949
... from Colombia (not ratified by Colombia) 1903 – Hay-Bunau Varilla Treaty – establishes the Panama Canal Zone 1905 – Treaty of Portsmouth – ends Russo-Japanese War ... of national policy" 1929 – Third Geneva Convention – establishes rules for the treatment of prisoners of war 1930 – London Naval Treaty – regulates ... so, whether ratified) 1944 – Bretton Woods Agreement – establishes the rules for commercial and financial relations among the major industrial states 1945 – Potsdam Agreement – World War II allied ...

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    There is all the difference in the world between departure from recognised rules by one who has learned to obey them, and neglect of them through want of training or want of skill or want of understanding. Before you can be eccentric you must know where the circle is.
    Ellen Terry (1847–1928)

    When a village ceases to be a community, it becomes oppressive in its narrow conformity. So one becomes an individual and migrates to the city. There, finding others likeminded, one re- establishes a village community. Nowadays only New Yorkers are yokels.
    Paul Goodman (1911–1972)