Esposito - Notable Espositos

Notable Espositos

  • Angelo Esposito, Canadian ice hockey player
  • Antonio Esposito (footballer born 1972), Swiss-Italian former midfielder
  • Antonio Esposito (footballer born 1983), Italian footballer
  • Antonio Esposito (footballer born 1990), Italian footballer
  • Dino Esposito, an MSDN magazine columnist
  • Franck Esposito, French swimmer
  • Giancarlo Esposito, American actor
  • Gino Esposito, a fictional character on the Australian soap opera Neighbours
  • Javier Esposito, a fictional character on the American comedy-drama television series Castle
  • Jennifer Esposito, American actress
  • Joe Esposito (disambiguation), multiple people
  • John Esposito, American professor at Georgetown University
  • Larry W. Esposito, American planetary astronomer
  • Mariana Espósito, Argentine actress and singer
  • Mauro Esposito, Italian footballer
  • Mary Ann Esposito, American cooking show host
  • Michele Esposito, an Italian-born musical composer and pianist who lived most of his professional life in Dublin, Ireland.
  • Mike Esposito (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Monica Esposito, Scholar of Chinese religion
  • Phil Esposito, Canadian ice hockey player
  • Raffaele Esposito, Italian tavern owner
  • Ralph Esposito, Podiatric surgeon
  • Rosario Francesco Esposito, Italian Roman Catholic priest
  • Sam Esposito, American college baseball coach
  • Tony Esposito, Canadian ice hockey goalie; younger brother of Phil Esposito
  • Tony Esposito, a musician, singer-songwriter and drummer from Italy
  • Vincenzo Esposito, Italian basketball coach
  • Vincenzo Esposito, Italian footballer and coach
  • Zack Esposito, American amateur wrestler

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