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To start the promotion for Erotica, Madonna performed "Fever" on Saturday Night Live, in January 1993, alongside the song "Bad Girl". On the thousandth The Arsenio Hall Show, Madonna performed "Fever" again accompanied by a band, singing the original version of the song, with a classic dress and smoking. In the middle of the song, Madonna starts singing before of the right time, but she apologizes and continues as if nothing had happened. Following this performance, Madonna sang "The Lady Is a Tramp" with Anthony Kiedis of Red Hot Chili Peppers, dressed up in matching skirts, stockings, leather vests and cat-ear caps. In September 1993, Madonna opened the 1993 MTV Video Music Awards performing "Bye Bye Baby" with her two back up singers, dressed in tuxedos and top hats, danced with women in corsets in a choreographed, highly sexual routine.

Madonna performed "Erotica", "Fever", "Rain", "Deeper and Deeper", "Why's It So Hard", "In This Life" and "Bye Bye Baby" on her 1993 Girlie Show World Tour. It was her fourth concert tour and supported the album, where she visited Israel and Turkey for the first time, followed by Latin America and Australia. The tour required 1500 costumes for the cast, and a 24-hour set up time for the stage. Madonna opened the show dressed as a whip-cracking dominatrix, surrounded by topless dancers of both sexes. Lighter moments included singing "Like a Virgin" in the guise of actress Marlene Dietrich and singing the word 'virgin' as '(w)irgin', as well as Madonna descending from the ceiling on a giant disco ball, wearing an Afro wig for "Express Yourself". She caused uproar in Puerto Rico by rubbing their national flag between her legs on stage. She was later warned she risked arrest if she repeated the same thing with the Brazilian flag during her concerts in Brazil. Trouble in Israel occurred when Orthodox Jews staged protests to force the cancellation of the singer's first-ever show in that country. The rallies were unsuccessful as the show was sold out and went on as scheduled. The Girlie Show was a commercial success, grossing around US$ 70 million. A review in Time by Sam Buckley said: "Madonna, once the Harlow harlot and now a perky harlequin, is the greatest show-off on earth." The concert from Sydney, Australia, was filmed and released commercially, and entitled The Girlie Show – Live Down Under. Was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America for shipment of 50,000 units in the United States.

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