Ernst Rudolf Vogenauer - Career


Ernst Vogenauer studied during his early years in Munich and was a bright student of Fritz Helmut Ehmcke (1878–1965); at the same time he worked for the Consee's art printing office of Munich. Then in 1921 he left Munich for a job at the National Printing Office in Berlin where he worked until World War II. In 1925 he married his wife Minna, who a few years later, gifted him a son. Perhaps it was also at that time(1920's)that he illustrated a publishing of the Bavarian novel " Der Wittiber " (The Widower) by the German writer Ludwig Thomas (1867–1921). He was very gifted in various artistic crafts.

In spite of his true respect of the Old Painting Masters, he was very open minded about art and was attracted by Futurism, Cubism and Expressionism. To be free with regard to his employer and official work for the National Printing Office of Berlin, and to avoid trouble, he often preferred to mark some of his private artistic works under the special signature “Saturn". His artist friends were mainly Binder, Peter Kraemer (1896–1972) son of an American Bavarian painter also named Peter Kraemer, and Carl Johann Rabus (1898–1983) German expressionist painter. Moreover, Carl Rabus made (circa 1927 or 1937?) a beautiful self-portrait with him, titled: "Zwei Freunde, Selbst mit Ernst Vogenauer" ("Two friends, I with Ernst Vogenauer"). Today this oil painting seems to be in the private Gerhard Schneider's Collection. It was only after World War II that Ernst Vogenauer became an Art school teacher in the High Art School of Berlin-Weissensee, in DDR.

Ernst Rudolf Vogenauer was involved with the German Expressionism and participated in different international events such as the "First exhibition of modern art" in Bucharest. From 1946 to 1962 he worked as docent at the Berlin-Weissensee Art School (Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weissensee).

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