Erichthonius of Athens

Erichthonius Of Athens

King Erichthonius (also written Erichthonios, Ancient Greek: Ἐριχθόνιος) was a mythological early ruler of ancient Athens, Greece. He was, according to some legends, autochthonous (born of the soil, or Earth) and raised by the goddess Athena. Early Greek texts do not distinguish between him and Erectheus, his grandson, but by the fourth century B.C. during Classical times, they are entirely distinct figures.

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Erichthonius Of Athens - Reign
... When he grew up, Erichthonius drove out Amphictyon, who had usurped the throne from Cranaus twelve years earlier, and became king of Athens ... It was said that Erichthonius was lame of his feet and that he consequently invented the quadriga, or four-horse chariot to get around easier ...

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