Eric Chahi

Eric Chahi

Éric Chahi is a French computer game designer best known as the creator of Another World (known as Out of This World in North America).

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Eric Chahi - Games
... 1983 Frog (Oric 1 ASN diffusion) 1983 Carnaval (Oric 1 ASN diffusion) 1984 Le Sceptre d’Anubis (Oric 1 Micro Programmes 5) 1984 Doggy (Oric 1 Loriciels) 1985 Infernal Runner (Amstrad CPC, C64 Loriciels) - Chahi was not credited in the C64 version. 1986 Le Pacte (Loriciels) 1987 Danger Street (Amstrad CPC Chip) 1988 Journey to the Center of the Earth 1989 Joan of Arc Siege and the Sword 1990 Future Wars (original French title Les voyageurs du temps, Interplay) 1991 Another World (title in North America Out of this World, Interplay), rereleased on April 14, 1998 ... Heart of Darkness (Interplay) 2004 Amiga Classix 4 (Magnussoft) 2011 From Dust (Ubisoft) ...

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