Epigenetic Effects

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Royal Jelly - Epigenetic Effects
... It has been shown that this phenomenon is mediated by an epigenetic modification of DNA known as CpG methylation ... methylates DNA in newly hatched larvae led to a royal jelly-like effect on the larval developmental trajectory the majority of individuals with reduced DNA methylation levels emerged as ... in honey bees allows the expression of epigenetic information to be differentially altered by nutritional input ...
Foster Care - Negative Effects - Epigenetic Effects of Environment
... Gene expression can be affected by the environment through epigenetic mechanisms ... child abuse and stress have been shown to have a profound effect on gene expression, including transgenerational epigenetic effects in which physiological and behavioral (intellectua ... In the Överkalix study in Sweden, the effects of epigentic inheritance were shown to have a direct correlation to the environmental influences faced by the parents ...

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