Epigenetic Alterations

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Secondary Neoplasm - Malignant Neoplasms - Primary Causes: DNA Damage/deficient DNA Repair
... (The central features of DNA damage, epigenetic alterations and deficient DNA repair in progression to cancer are shown in red.) DNA damage is very common ... However, a majority of sporadic cancers have deficiency in DNA repair due to epigenetic alterations that reduce or silence DNA repair gene expression ... to methylation of the MGMT promoter region (an epigenetic alteration) ...
Somatic Evolution In Cancer - Somatic Evolution in Progression - Somatic Evolution By Epigenetics
... The state of a cell may be changed epigenetically, in addition to genetic alterations ... The best-understood epigenetic alterations in tumors are the silencing or expression of genes by changes in the methylation of CG pairs of nucleotides in the ... the new chromosomes when cells replicate their genomes and so methylation alterations are heritable and subject to natural selection ...

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