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Harris was for a time a central figure in shaping the current affairs output of RTÉ. He pushed the organisation towards a perspective heavily critical of Sinn Féin and the Provisional IRA. It was stated in Magill (November 1997) that he set up a branch of the Worker's Party called the "Ned Stapleton Cumann". This gave the party considerable influence within RTÉ. Michael O'Leary, then leader of the Labour Party commented that RTÉ current affairs coverage was "Stickie orientated". (This was a reference to the Official IRA, from whom the Provisional IRA had split in the 1970s.) Those who supported Harris within RTÉ became known as "the brood of Harris". The tensions within the organisation between journalists such as Mary McAleese and Alex White and Marxists led to major disagreements within the station, and criticism of what was perceived as the station's anti-republican political agenda. Harris recruited Charlie Bird (then a member of Official Sinn Féin) and Marian Finucane to RTÉ in the 1970s.

Harris continus to supply programme material to RTE through Praxis Films the independent film company he runs with Gerry Gregg, formerly an RTE and Workers Party associate. In 2012 RTE upheld a complaint against a Praxis documentary, An Tost Fada (trans. The Long Silence), written and narrated by Harris, produced and directed by Gregg. The programme subject matter concerned Harris's controversial belief that some actions of the War of Independence were sectarian in which the IRA targeted Protestants. Previously, in 2007, Harris participated in an equally controversial programme, Guns and Neighbours: The Killings at Coolacrease (Reel Story Productions), in which it was alleged that two Protestant farmers in Offaly, killed by the IRA in June 1920, were killed for sectarian reasons.

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