Enzyme Therapy

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Artificial Cell - Clinical Relevance - Enzyme Therapy
... Enzyme therapy is being actively studied for genetic metabolic diseases where an enzyme is over-expressed, under-expressed, defective, or not at all ... In the case of under-expression or expression of a defective enzyme, an active form of the enzyme is introduced in the body to compensate for the deficit ... over-expression may be counteracted by introduction of a competing non-functional enzyme that is, an enzyme which metabolizes the substrate into non-active products ...
Nicholas Gonzalez (physician) - Cancer Treatment and Research - Support For Research Efforts
... A 2004 study using pancreatic enzymes in a mouse model of pancreatic cancer showed positive results ... The trial was designed to compare the efficacy of pancreatic enzyme therapy plus specialized diet with gemcitabine for stage II, stage III, or stage IV pancreatic cancer ... the Gonzalez Regimen and those receiving the pancreatic enzyme therapy had a shorter median survival than patients with similarly staged pancreatic cancer ...

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