Environmental Consulting - Subdisciplines


There are numerous areas in which environmental consultants might work (in no particular order):

Contaminated Land is one area as mentioned above.Contaminated Land this may well involve a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment

Energy may entail feasibility studies for renewable energy projects. For example, a study may attempt to answer the question: Would a micro-hydro-generation scheme pay for itself over the course of its operational life?

Geotechnical may also be covered by Environmental Consultants, this might include activities such as site investigations, geotechnical engineering (foundation design, slope stability), and restoration quality assurance.

Environmental Management Systems such as ISO 14001 are large complicated systems that are often not implemented using internal man/woman power. This work is usually outsourced to consultants.

Green Claims Environmental Consultants may be employed to substantiate green claims, such as eco labels, which may involve work on supply chain or embodied carbon.

Compliance As governments become more and more environmental in their thinking, so does their legal framework. In the UK businesses are covered by numerous pieces of legislation such as oil storage regulations and The Environment Act. If they are found to be in breach of these regulations they may face severe civil or criminal actions. Environmental Consultants can check to see that the business in question is in compliance with current legislation.

Impact Assessment see Environmental impact statement

Flood Risk, the most common of which may be a Phase 1 Screening Study.

Asbestos Management


Carbon there are various aspects of a company's carbon foot print that may be managed by consultants. They may have internal reduction strategies, or they may be tied in with national targets. Emissions trading is also an important aspect of Carbon Management.

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