Enrico Caruso Compact Disc Discography

Enrico Caruso Compact Disc Discography

This is a list of some notable compilations of recordings of the famous Italian opera tenor Enrico Caruso (1873–1921) on compact disc.

Caruso died nearly three decades before the commercial introduction of long-playing records (LPs), so his recordings (the first of which he made in 1902/1903) were all on 78rpm discs or earlier formats, lasting only between three and four and a half minutes; all Caruso albums are thus compilations, and frequently overlap considerably in terms not only of repertoire but of actual recordings (though they may differ considerably in terms of the quality of reproduction, depending on the sources used and the engineering). His last recordings were made in September, 1920, in Camden, New Jersey, for the Victor Talking Machine Company, only five years before commercial electrical recordings were introduced.

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