ENMAX - Additional ENMAX Subsidiaries

Additional ENMAX Subsidiaries

The subsidiary ENMAX Energy not only works within the Wholesale Energy and Generation business lines, but also provides energy products to Alberta customers. ENMAX Energy provides the EasyMax option for residential and small business customers. EasyMax is an electricity and gas energy plan for residential and small business customers providing competitive rate options with no penalty for cancellation. Additionally, specialized billing and data management solutions to industrial customers, primarily in the oil and gas sector, are offered through the ENMAX subsidiary, Valeo Power Corporation.

ENMAX Encompass Inc., a subsidiary of ENMAX Corporation, provides billing and customer care services to residential and small commercial customers. ENMAX Encompass is also contracted to perform customer service, water meter reading and billing services to The City of Calgary and other municipalities across the province.

ENMAX Envision Inc., a subsidiary of ENMAX Corporation, provides commercial high-speed data and internet services primarily in Calgary. ENMAX Envision grew its customer base by 23 per cent and its revenue by 12 per cent in 2011.

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