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1290s In England - Events
... of quo warranto establishes the concept of time immemorial in English law, dating it to the accession of Richard I of England in 1189. 15 ... May - English fleet defeats a French force and sacks La Rochelle ... out between England and France when Philip IV of France attempts to seize Gascony from English control ...
Henry VIII - Power and Authority - Ireland
... reign, Ireland was effectively divided into three zones the Pale, where English rule was unchallenged Leinster and Munster, the so-called "obedient land" of Anglo-Irish peers and the Gaelic Connaught and ... Until 1513, Henry continued the policy of his father, to allow Irish lords to rule in the king's name and accept steep divisions between the communities ... Henry recognised one successor for Ormond's English, Welsh and Scottish lands, whilst in Ireland another took control ...
History Of Slavery In New York - English Rule
... The English took over New Amsterdam and the colony in 1664 ... They continued to import slaves to support the work needed ...

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