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Kidnapped (novel) - Characters - In The Highlands
... the exiled Jacobite leadership, from the clans previously in rebellion against the English crown ... David and helps him survive when both are hunted by English soldiers through the wilderness ... Roy Campbell Also known as the "Red Fox." Scotsman loyal to the English crown ...
List Of Historical Drama Films - High and Late Middle Ages (1000-1453)
... Findlaích Lady Godiva of Coventry 1955 1050s England an English noble woman who allegedly rode naked through the streets of Coventry in protest of unfair taxation William the ... of Aristotle in Europe The Devil's Crown 1978 1154–1216 England During the reigns of Henry II, Richard I and John Becket 1964 1155–1170 England archbishop Thomas Becket, once a close personal ... the seizure of their wealth by the French crown in 1307 Les Rois Maudits 2005 1285–1328 France the later Capetian dynasty and the arrest of the order of the Knights Templar and the seizure of their wealth by ...
12th Century - Political Events By Year
1102 King Coloman unites Hungary and Croatia under the Hungarian Crown ... caused by a dispute between Empress Matilda and her cousin King Stephen of England over the English crown, in which Stephen recognises Matilda's son Henry of Anjou as his heir. 1174 On July 12, William I of Scotland is captured by the English in the Battle of Alnwick ...
History Of Gwynedd During The High Middle Ages - History - 13th Century - Llywelyn, John, and The Magna Carta; 1200-1216
... As Llywellyn ruled over all of Gwynedd by the end of 1200, the English crown was compelled to endorse all of Llywellyn's holdings that year ... In his expansion, the Welsh prince was careful not to antagonise the English king, his father-in-law ... However, by 1211 King John perceived the growing influence of Llywelyn as a threat to English authority in Wales, and invaded Gwynedd reaching the banks ...
History Of Gwynedd During The High Middle Ages - History - 13th Century - Dafydd II, The Buckler of Wales; 1240-1246
... to the lands Llywelyn incorporated into his expanded principality petitioned the English king for redress ... the matter of the disputed lands to a committee of arbitrators, partly English and partly Welsh, and headed by the pope's legate Otto ... claimants and all homages of Welsh vassals were to be transferred back to the English crown ...

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    Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is gained in a righteous life.
    Bible: Hebrew, Proverbs 16:31.

    One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters.
    —17th-century English proverb, collected in George Herbert, Outlandish Proverbs (1640)