Engines of Light Trilogy - Bibliography


  • Fall Revolution series
    1. The Star Fraction (1995; US paperback ISBN 0-7653-0156-3) – Prometheus Award winner, 1996; Clarke Award nominee, 1996
    2. The Stone Canal (1996; US paperback ISBN 0-8125-6864-8) – Prometheus Award winner, 1998; BSFA nominee, 1996
    3. The Cassini Division (1998; US paperback ISBN 0-312-87044-2) – BSFA nominee, 1998; Clarke, and Nebula Awards nominee, 1999
    4. The Sky Road (1999; US paperback ISBN 0-8125-7759-0) BSFA Award winner, 1999; Hugo Award nominee, 2001 – represents an 'alternate future' to the second two books, as its events diverge sharply due to a choice made differently by one of the protagonists in the middle of The Stone Canal
  • This series is also available in two volumes:
    1. Fractions: The First Half of the Fall Revolution (2009; US paperback ISBN 0-7653-2068-1)
    2. Divisions: The Second Half of the Fall Revolution (2009; US paperback ISBN 0-7653-2119-X)
  • Engines of Light Trilogy
    1. Cosmonaut Keep (2000; US paperback ISBN 0-7653-4073-9) – Clarke Award nominee, 2001; Hugo Award nominee, 2002 Begins the series with a first contact story in a speculative mid-21st century where a resurgently socialist USSR (incorporating the European Union) is once again in opposition with the capitalist United States, then diverges into a story told on the other side of the galaxy of Earth-descended colonists trying to establish trade and relations within an interstellar empire of several species who travel from world to world at the speed of light.
    2. Dark Light (2001; US paperback ISBN 0-7653-4496-3) – Campbell Award nominee, 2002
    3. Engine City (2002; US paperback ISBN 0-7653-4421-1)
  • Other work
    • Newton's Wake: A Space Opera (2004; US paperback edition ISBN 0-7653-4422-X) – BSFA nominee, 2004; Campbell Award nominee, 2005
    • Learning the World: A Novel of First Contact (2005; UK hardback edition ISBN 1-84149-343-0) Prometheus Award winner 2006; Hugo, Locus SF, Campbell and Clarke Awards nominee, 2006; BSFA nominee, 2005
    • The Highway Men (2006; UK edition ISBN 1-905207-06-9)
    • The Execution Channel (2007; UK hardback edition ISBN 1-84149-348-1 ISBN 978-1841493480) – BSFA Award nominee, 2007; Campbell, and Clarke Awards nominee, 2008
    • The Night Sessions (2008; UK hardback edition ISBN 1-84149-651-0 ISBN 978-1841496511) – Winner Best Novel 2008 BSFA
    • The Restoration Game (2010)
    • Intrusion (2012)
  • Selected short fiction
    • The Web: Cydonia (1998; UK paperback edition ISBN 1-85881-640-8) Part of the young adult fiction series The Web. Collected in Giant Lizards from Another Star.
    • The Human Front (2002) (Winner of Short-form Sidewise Award for Alternate History 2002) collected in Giant Lizards from Another Star
    • Who's Afraid of Wolf 359? (The New Space Opera, 2007) – nominated for Hugo Award for Best Short Story
    • "Ms Found on a Hard Drive" (Glorifying Terrorism, 2007)
  • Collections
    • Poems & Polemics (2001; Rune Press: Minneapolis, MN) Chapbook of non-fiction and poetry.
    • Giant Lizards From Another Star (2006; US trade hardcover ISBN 1-886778-62-0) Collected fiction and nonfiction.

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