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Fine Structure - Kinetic Energy Relativistic Correction
... Classically, the kinetic energy term of the Hamiltonian is However, when considering special relativity, we must use a relativistic form of the kinetic energy ... is Using this as a perturbation, we can calculate the first order energy corrections due to relativistic effects where is the unperturbed wave function ...
Forms of Kryptonite - Variations
... green Kryptonite due to either repeated non-fatal exposure, continuous long-term absorption of solar radiation, or extremely high short-term exposure to the sun ... Green Kryptonite is typically shown to have no short-term effects on humans or non-superpowered Kryptonians ... However, in post-Crisis continuity, long-term exposure can cause radiation poisoning in Humans, similar to long-term exposure to Uranium ...

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    Because humans are not alone in exhibiting such behavior—bees stockpile royal jelly, birds feather their nests, mice shred paper—it’s possible that a pregnant woman who scrubs her house from floor to ceiling [just before her baby is born] is responding to a biological imperative . . . . Of course there are those who believe that . . . the burst of energy that propels a pregnant woman to clean her house is a perfectly natural response to their mother’s impending visit.
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