Energoatom, full name National Nuclear Energy Generating Company of Ukraine (Ukrainian: НАЕК "Енергоатом") is a Ukrainian state enterprise operating all nuclear power stations in Ukraine.

Ukraine ranks seventh in the world and fifth in Europe in terms of the number of nuclear reactors operated, total capacity and electricity produced.

The Ukrainian nuclear power industry employs more than 38,000 people. In recent years, using only 69,0% of the installed capacity, nuclear power plants have under maximum autumn and winter loads generated about 53% of the country's electricity. Overall the share of electricity generation is about 47%. Currently there are 15 operating power units, including 13 units with VVER-1000 (PWR) reactors, and 2 units of the newer subtype of the VVER-440 reactor.

Energoatom is engaged in construction of new power units and rehabilitation of those in operation, purchases of nuclear fuel and removal of radioactive waste, establishing a national infrastructure for spent fuel and radioactive waste management, maintenance of safety at nuclear facilities, retraining and qualification upgrades, and resolution of social problems of the employees.

According to the Energy Strategy of Ukraine, NNEGC Energoatom plans to:

  • select 3–4 new sites for construction of new NPPs;
  • develop a feasibility study for construction of power units to a total capacity of 6 GW on new sites during 2019–2021;
  • substantiate and make a decision on service life extension of the pilot reactor Rivne Unit 1 and subsequently the rest of the fleet depending upon design service life termination periods;
  • commission Khmelnitsky Unit 2 and Unit 3 for a total capacity of 2 GW by the year 2016.

In the longer term, the company intends to:

  • put into operation replacement and additional power units to total capacity of 12.5 GW from 2024 through 2030;
  • launch decommissioning activities for six power units once their extended service life terminates;
  • initiate construction of new capacities rated in total at 6.5 GW in 2027–2030 to allow for commissioning after 2030.

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