Enco River

Enco River (Spanish: Río Enco) is a river in Panguipulli commune in southern Chile. By flowing from Panguipulli Lake to Riñihue Lake Enco River carries the water of the six upper lakes of the Seven Lakes area into Riñihue, the last lake in the chain. Located between the piedmont of Mocho-Choshuenco Volcano and Cerro Maltusado Enco River is unusual because it drains Panguipulli Lake trough its eastern and mountainous end rather than allowing the lake to drain through the low moraine hills in the west.

The river has strong currents and no traffic.

Hydrography of Los Ríos Region
  • Bueno
  • Calcurrupe
  • Calle-Calle
  • Cau-Cau
  • Caunahue
  • Chaihuín
  • Colún
  • Cruces
  • Cuacua
  • Cutipay
  • Enco
  • Fui
  • Futa
  • Guanehue
  • Hueinahue
  • Huahum
  • Llanquihue
  • Lingue
  • Liquiñe
  • Llancahue
  • Naguilán
  • Neltume
  • Nilahue
  • Pillanleufú
  • Pilmaiquén
  • Pullinque
  • San Pedro
  • Tornagaleones
  • Valdivia
  • Huilo-Huilo
  • Nilahue
  • Calafquén
  • Gris
  • Colún
  • Huishue
  • Maihue
  • Neltume
  • Panguipulli
  • Pellaifa
  • Pirihueico
  • Pullinque
  • Puyehue
  • Ranco
  • Riñihue
  • Seven Lakes
  • Choshuenco
  • Mocho
  • Pichillancahue-Turbio

Coordinates: 39°52′34″S 72°08′26″W / 39.87611°S 72.14056°W / -39.87611; -72.14056

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