Ena (album) - Track Listing

Track Listing

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Ena" (Ένα; One) Viki Gerothodorou Takis Bougas 3:39
2. "Zisame" (Ζήσαμε; We Lived) Eleana Vrahali Dimitris Kontopoulos 3:41
3. "To' ksera" (Το 'ξερα; I Knew It) Vasilis Giannopoulos Kyriakos Papadopoulos 4:01
4. "Gi Ki Ouranos" (Γη κι ουρανός; Earth And Sky) Giorgos Moukidis Giorgos Moukidis 3:34
5. "Pes Tou" (Πες του; Tell Him) Kostis Liapis Takis Bougas 3:45
6. "Sto Kalo" (Στο καλό; In Good) Vasilis Giannopoulos Kyriakos Papadopoulos 3:14
7. "Tora Ti Kano" (Τώρα τι κάνω; Now What Do I Do) Panos Falaras Takis Bougas 3:57
8. "Ego Ta Spao" (Εγώ τα σπάω; I'm Breaking Them) Vasilis Giannopoulos Kyriakos Papadopoulos 3:41
9. "Zilia" (Ζήλεια; Jealousy) Giorgos Moukidis Giorgos Moukidis 3:37
10. "De Se Sighoro" (Δε σε συγχωρώ; I Don't Forgive You) Giorgos Moukidis Giorgos Moukidis 3:38
11. "Fantasia Mou" (Φαντασία μου; My Imagination) Giorgos Moukidis Giorgos Moukidis 4:04
12. "Sti Salloniki" (Στη Σαλονίκη; In Saloniki) Giorgos Moukidis Giorgos Moukidis 4:07
13. "De Goustaro Na Se Vlepo" (Δε γουστάρω να σε βλέπω; I Don't Want To See You) Vasilis Giannopoulos Kyriakos Papadopoulos 3:34
14. "Pos Na To Palepso" (Πως να το παλέψω; How Should I Fight This) Giorgos Moukidis Giorgos Moukidis 2:59
15. "Eimai Edo" (Είμαι εδώ; I'm Here) Eleana Vrahali Dimitris Kontopoulos 3:46
To Mystiko
No. Title Lyrics Music Length
16. "Mystiko" (Μυστικό; Secret) Giorgos Moukidis Giorgos Moukidis 5:44
17. "Teleftaio Potiraki (ft Christos Dantis)" (Το τελευταίο ποτηράκι; The last shot) Christos Kolokotronis Manolis Hiotis 4:13
18. "Mystiko (Radio Edit)" Giorgos Moukidis Giorgos Moukidis 4:12

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