Empirical Forecasting

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Types of Macroeconomic Models - Empirical Forecasting Models - The Lucas Critique of Empirical Forecasting Models
... Empirical macroeconomic forecasting models, being based on roughly the same data, had similar implications they suggested that unemployment could be ... was just one example of a general problem with empirical forecasting models ... one cannot predict the effects of a new policy regime using an empirical forecasting model based on data from previous periods when that policy regime was not in place ...

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    To develop an empiricist account of science is to depict it as involving a search for truth only about the empirical world, about what is actual and observable.... It must involve throughout a resolute rejection of the demand for an explanation of the regularities in the observable course of nature, by means of truths concerning a reality beyond what is actual and observable, as a demand which plays no role in the scientific enterprise.
    Bas Van Fraassen (b. 1941)