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Events of The Ōei Era
1397 (Ōei 4) Uprising in Kyūshū suppressed. 1397 (Ōei 4, 8th month) an Imperial ambassador is dispatched from Emperor Go-Komatsu to the court of the Hongwu Emperor of China ... sends a diplomatic mission to the court of the Jianwen Emperor of China as a tentative first step in re-initiating trade between Japan and Ming China ...
Emperor Shōkō - Events of Shōkō's Life
... Shōkō became emperor upon the abdication of his father, Go-Komatsu-tennō in Ōei 18, in the 10th month (October 5, 1412) ... The "retired" Go-Komatsu ruled as a Cloistered Emperor during Shōkō's reign ... Shōkō was connected to Ashikaga Yoshimitsu and the Hino clan through his mother's side ...

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