Emperor Gaozong of Tang - Era Names

Era Names

  • Yonghui (永徽 yǒng huī) 650–656
  • Xianqing (顯慶 xiǎn qìng) 656–661
  • Longshuo (龍朔 lóng shuò) 661–663
  • Linde (麟德 lín dé) 664–666
  • Qianfeng (乾封 qián fēng) 666–668
  • Zongzhang (總章 zǒng zhāng) 668–670
  • Xianheng (咸亨 xián hēng) 670–674
  • Shangyuan (上元 shàng yuán) 674–676
  • Yifeng (儀鳳 yí fèng) 676–679
  • Tiaolu (調露 tiáo lù) 679–680
  • Yonglong (永隆 yǒng lóng) 680–681
  • Kaiyao (開耀 kāi yào) 681–682
  • Yongchun (永淳 yǒng chún) 682–683
  • Hongdao (弘道 hóng dào) 683

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