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As with Mariah Carey the previous year, Carey did not embark on a tour to promote the album, due to the long travel times and strenuous schedules on her voice. However, while not touring the world, Carey promoted Emotions through an array of television and award show appearances, stateside and across Europe. Carey performed "Emotions" live for the first time at the 1991 MTV Video Music Awards, backed by several male and female back up vocalists. Following the award show appearance, she sang "Emotions" on The Arsenio Hall Show, airing on September 23, 1991. Additionally, Carey performed the song at the 1992 Soul Train Music Awards, and on British music program and talk show Top of the Pops and Des O'Connor. Additional European stops included Sondagstoppet and Kulan in Sweden during mid-September 1991. All of the above mentioned performances included "Can't Let Go" as a secondary performance in the night. "Can't Let Go" was sung on additional programs such as Saturday Night Live, a pre-filmed studio clip on The Today Show. While the album's final single "Make It Happen" was released only months after Emotions release, the song was not performed during the album's original chart run, however making its way onto the set-list of several of Carey following tours. On February 26, 1992, Carey performed "If It's Over" at the 34th annual Grammy Award, with a full orchestra and several back up singers.

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