Emirdağ is a town and district of Afyonkarahisar Province in Turkey, between the city of Afyon and Eskişehir. It covers an area of 2,009 km², and the population (2010) is 42,111 of which 19,991 live in the town of Emirdağ itself. The mayor is Cengiz Pala (AKP).

The Emirdağ Mountains (Emir Mountains) rise steeply behind the town. The region is vulnerable to earthquakes. The weather is very cold in winter.

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Emirdağ - Notable Natives
... Emirdağ has long had a rich folk culture and has given us many folk songs (türkü) and singers including in the 20th century.. ... He was brought up in Belgium of an Emirdağ family ... Other famous Emirdağ people include.. ...