EMD F45 - Subsequent Owners

Subsequent Owners

Morrison-Knudsen purchased seven from the Santa Fe in February 1994 for their lease fleet. 5950, 5952, 5958, 5962, 5968, 5969 and 5960 became MKCX 5525-5531 and served both the Southern Pacific and the Utah Railway in patched blue and yellow warbonnets. 5531 was repainted in Utah Railway red and grey and renumbered 9013, until returned in October 2001. The rest were ultimately scrapped.

Santa Fe sold 21 SDF45s to Morrison-Knudsen in April 1994, then leased them back. They retained their Santa Fe colors but were sub-lettered ""MKM". MK was responsible for maintenance.

Wisconsin Central purchased six SDF45s from Santa Fe in 1995. 5959 and 5972 became 6631-6632 in 1994, then 6653 and 6655 in 1995. 5955, 5956, 5965 and 5981 became 6650, 6651, 6654 and 6656 in 1995. (6652 was WC's lone SDFP45.) All were painted in WC's maroon and gold. After CN purchased the WC in October 2001, all were retired between November 2001 and February 2002.

Eleven Santa Fe SDF45s were conveyed to the BNSF in the 1996 merger. By the time they were renumbered in 1997 only 5953, 5970 and 5775 remained, becoming BNSF 6550-6552. They were retired in May 2002.

Four GN F45s, retired by BN in 1984, were picked up by NRE. In cooperation with Helm, they were leased to Utah Railway from April 1985 until April 1991 as NHL 6606, 6607, 6608 and 6613. All were subsequently scrapped.

Another four GN F45s, 6609-6612, were purchased by Canadian National in June 1994 for parts. 6610 and 6612 were scrapped in 1989, but the bodies of 6609 and 6611 lingered for years outside the shops in Montreal.

After retirement, BN 6614-6625 were picked up by the South Shore. Plans were to operate six in coal service and cannibalize the rest for parts. 6620 and one other saw service. After a major failure the plans changed, and all were sold for scrap in November 1986.

BN 6627 was purchased by Doyle McCormack in March 1987. He painted it in Southern Pacific "Daylight" colors, arranged according to the New York Central "lightning stripes" scheme, and numbered it 743.

Transcisco Tours purchased BN 6635 and 6642, and later Doyle McCormack's 743, for excursions. They became MCHX 1001-1003, and were painted in red and blue with grey & black pinstripes. Transisco installed HEP generators to power the passenger cars. After plans fell through, Wisconsin Southern purchased them in January 1992 and applied their red and silver colors. The units proved too heavy for regular service, although they were used for special events and leased to the BN from October 1993 to April 1994.

The Susquehanna purchased BN 6640 and 6644 in November 1986. They were repainted in yellow and dark blue. 6640 became NYSW 3636, and 6644 NYSW 6370, then 3638. For a short time 6635 and 6642 were leased from NRE as well. 3636 was leased to sister regional TP&W in 1998 and 1999, and eventually retired in 2002.

Montana RailLink purchased Susquehanna 3638 in October 1993. It was repainted in their dark blue and black and numbered 390. Then in April 1994 they purchased all three of the Wisconsin Southern units, which after repainting they became 391-393. 390 was upgraded with a Q-Tron microprocessor and redesignated an F45MP. BN, their original owner, has leased 391-393 for short periods when short of power. 393 was also leased to sister road IMRL from 1997 to 2001.

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