Elztal - History - World Wars and Post-war Years

World Wars and Post-war Years

Within the time of World War I, there were no changes and no happenings within the Elz Valley villages. The Second World War caused a lot of suffering and deaths in most of the settled families. A tombstone in the center of Dallau near to Volksbank and the water castle testify to the shocking happening of an inevitable war.

The first structural changes occurred during the last three war years and in the immediate postwar period of the transitional government. by the inclusion of refugees from the destroyed cities, the population of the villages rose. In the post-war years settled again a number of displaced from the eastern territories in the Elz Valley villages. New development zones and industrial estates have now been expelled and contributed to structural change.

It needed a long time to recover from the impacts of the recent World War. Every village of today's Elztal was a self-governed municipality within the Mosbach district of the North Baden county (Nordbaden).

The first sports facilities were built in the late 1960s:

1967: Sportzentrum Dallau (sports center)
1968: Elzbergstadion and Elzberghalle (Elzberg stadium and Elzberg gym)

As part of the district reform on 1 January 1973, Auerbach, Dallau, Muckental and Neckarburken founded the new municipality Elztal with Dallau as district office.

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