Elytrigia is a genus of about 20–40 species of grasses, native to temperate regions of the Old World, in Europe, Asia, and northwest Africa. The species are sometimes included in the related genera Agropyron or Elymus (genus), while species in the genera Pascopyrum and Pseudoroegneria are included in Elytrigia by some authors.

Selected species
  • Elytrigia alatavica
  • Elytrigia atherica
  • Elytrigia bessarabica
  • Elytrigia caespitosa
  • Elytrigia campestris
  • Elytrigia curvifolia
  • Elytrigia disticha
  • Elytrigia elongata
  • Elytrigia gmelinii
  • Elytrigia intermedia
  • Elytrigia juncea
  • Elytrigia lolioides
  • Elytrigia pontica
  • Elytrigia pungens
  • Elytrigia pycnantha
  • Elytrigia rechingeri
  • Elytrigia repens
  • Elytrigia scirpea
  • Elytrigia trichophora
  • Elytrigia varnensis

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