Elizabeth Coates

Elizabeth Coates is a British ice dancer and coach. She grew up in south London, with her brother Gary, and trained at the ice rink in Streatham. As a competitive skater, she competed with Alan Abretti and was the 1985 & 1986 British silver medalist. They placed 16th at the 1986 World Figure Skating Championships and were two-time competitors at the European Figure Skating Championships, with a highest placement of 11th, in 1986.

Coates currently works as a coach in London, England. With former coaching partner Igor Shpilband, she won the 1998 USFSA Coach of the Year. Among her former students are:

  • Tanith Belbin / Benjamin Agosto
  • Eve Chalom / Mathew Gates
  • Jessica Joseph / Charles Butler
  • Naomi Lang / Peter Tchernyshev
  • Elizabeth Punsalan / Jerod Swallow
  • Jamie Silverstein / Justin Pekarek

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