Element One - 2008 Element One Rotterdam Pit Crew

2008 Element One Rotterdam Pit Crew

The Rotterdam Pit Crew was a selected group of Element One members who traveled to the first race of the Formula Zero Championship in Rotterdam, the Netherlands in August 2008 to ensure all systems of the vehicle were fully functional and operational in a safe manner during race events. The Pit Crew worked day in and day out, determined to complete assembly of the vehicle before the first race. Unfortunately, it was the vehicle's ground clearance that prevented these dedicated engineers from getting their kart on the track. Nonetheless, the team managed to get the vehicle assembled in five days (a feat that usually takes months to achieve) and performed a vehicle test run at the Formula Zero Rotterdam Facility the evening of the first race. After a display of sheer willpower and hard work, the Element One team earned the reputation of 'the team to beat' in future races. The names of these devoted and hard working engineers are listed in the table below.

Pit Crew Member Responsibility
Camille Robbins Body & Chassis
Robert House Safety Officer/Body & Chassis
Adrian Snyder Electrical Systems - Electrical Group Lead 2007-2009
Robert Bitel Electrical Systems - Electronic Controls
Andrew Schembri Electrical Systems - HV System Architecture
Jon Graff Electrical Systems - Electronic Controls
Dan Witting Electrical Systems - Electrical Group Lead 2009-2010
Mike Samaroo Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Systems
Robert Jackson Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Systems
Ian Williams Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Systems
Jeff Rayburn Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Systems
Adam Flaster Vehicle Dynamics
Ben Roberts Vehicle Dynamics
Alex Popovich Component Layout
Alex Kish Driver
Kevin Smutek Driver
Andrew Didorosi Public Relations Officer
Dr. Robert Fletcher Faculty Advisor

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