Electronic Traction Control

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British Rail Class 74 - Electronic Traction Control
... This arrangement gives improved control of traction current over conventional rheostatic systems and gives fine control when starting a train ... booster output is regulated in such a way that the maximum current of any traction motor group does not exceed the selected value ... voltage notches were provided for slow speed control of shunting and coupling-up ...
Ford Expedition - Four-wheel Drive System - Traction Control
... Traction control systems, both mechanical and electronic, were offered as options if needed ... Only until recently has traction assist become standard on all Expeditions ... Mechanical traction control (1997–2006) Both first and second generation Ford Expeditions (UN93 and U222) were offered with an optional Traction-Lok rear limited-slip differential (LSD) with a choice ...
Ford Explorer - Fifth Generation (2011–) - Capability
... The center multi-disc differential controls the front-to-rear torque split, biasing as much as 100 percent of torque to either the front or rear wheels ... Off road electronics include Hill Descent Control (HDC), Hill Ascent Assist (HAA), four-wheel electronic traction control and Terrain Management ... Four-wheel electronic traction control (ABS braking) is employed to simulate front and rear differential locks via aggressively "brake locking" the front or rear differentials ...

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