Electrification - Energy Resilience

Energy Resilience

Electricity is:

  • the ‘stickiest’ form of energy: it stays in the continent where it is produced.
  • multi-sourced. If one source suffers a shortage, we can produce electricity from another, including renewable sources.

As a result, it gives the greatest degree of energy resilience and the energy system is going to electrification.

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... Electricity is a form of energy that remains within the country or region where it was produced and can be multi-sourced ... As a result it gives the greatest degree of energy resilience ...
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... contend that the much talked about idea of "energy independence" is an unrealistic and opaque concept ... They offer "energy resilience" as a more sensible goal and more aligned with economic, security and energy realities ... The notion of resilience in energy was detailed in the 1982 book Brittle Power Energy Strategy for National Security ...

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    Toddlers who don’t learn gradually about disappointment lose their resilience through lack of practice in give-and-take with other people’s needs. They can become self-centered, demanding, and difficult to like or to be with.
    Alicia F. Lieberman (20th century)

    Just as we are learning to value and conserve the air we breathe, the water we drink, the energy we use, we must learn to value and conserve our capacity for nurture. Otherwise, in the name of human potential we will slowly but surely erode the source of our humanity.
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