Electrical Characteristics of Dynamic Loudspeakers

Electrical Characteristics Of Dynamic Loudspeakers

The chief electrical characteristic of a dynamic loudspeaker's driver is its electrical impedance as a function of frequency. It can be visualized by plotting it as a graph, called the impedance curve.

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Electrical Characteristics Of Dynamic Loudspeakers - Load Impedance and Amplifiers - Damping Issues
... A loudspeaker acts as a generator when a coil is moving in a magnetic field ... When the loudspeaker coil moves in response to a signal from the amplifier, the coil generates a response that resists the amplifier signal and acts as a "brake" to stop the coil movement ... The electrical signal generated by the coil travels back along the speaker cable to the amplifier ...
Specifications - Electrical Characteristics of Dynamic Loudspeakers
... presents to an amplifier consists of a complex electrical impedance—a combination of resistance and both capacitive and inductive reactance, which combines properties of the driver, its mechanical motion ... are given at a specific power into an ideal resistive load however, a loudspeaker does not have a constant resistance across its frequency range ... is inductive, the driver has mechanical resonances, the enclosure changes the driver's electrical and mechanical characteristics, and a passive crossover between the drivers and the amplifier contributes its own ...

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