Electric (software) - Tools and Technologies

Tools and Technologies

Electric incorporates many synthesis and analysis tools:

  • Design rule checking two built-in checkers and two interfaces to industry tools.
  • Electrical Rule Checking a Well/Substrate checker and an Antenna rule checker.
  • Simulation two built-in simulators and interfaces to over a dozen industry tools (Spice, Verilog, etc.)
  • Routing five different routers for various special purposes.
  • Generators a PLA generator, a cell generator, a pad frame generator, and a ROM generator.
  • Logical Effort a tool for analyzing the Logical Effort of a circuit and resizing gates.
  • LVS (layout vs. schematic) a tool which compares any two representations of a circuit.
  • I/O the capability to read and write circuit descriptions in many formats, including CIF, GDS, EDIF, DXF, and VHDL. It can also interface with other systems, such as Eagle, Pads, ECAD, and Sue.

Electric supports many different design technologies, for example:

  • CMOS
  • NMOS
  • Bipolar
  • Schematics
  • Artwork

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