Electric Skin

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Lambo (Reborn!) - Character Outline - Abilities
... In his 5 year old form his only notable ability is his Electric Skin (電撃皮膚?, In Italian "Cuoio Elettrico") which allows electricity to harmlessly pass through his body ... In his 15-year-old form he still possesses Electric Skin ... The 25-year-old Lambo invents the Perfect Electric Skin in which no form of electricity can do him harm ...

Famous quotes containing the words skin and/or electric:

    Just as bones, tissues, intestines, and blood vessels are enclosed in a skin that makes it possible to bear the sight of a human being, so the agitations and passions of the soul are wrapped up in vanity: it is the soul’s skin.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    Persons grouped around a fire or candle for warmth or light are less able to pursue independent thoughts, or even tasks, than people supplied with electric light. In the same way, the social and educational patterns latent in automation are those of self- employment and artistic autonomy.
    Marshall McLuhan (1911–1980)