Electoral History of Ted Kennedy

Electoral history of Ted Kennedy, United States Senator from Massachusetts (1962–2009) and, at the time of his death, the second most senior member of the Senate.

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Electoral History Of Ted Kennedy - Presidential and Vice Presidential Races
... Kennedy – 15,870 (18.96%) Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. 2,269 (2.71%) Ted Kennedy – 1,259 (1.50%) Adlai Stevenson II – 952 (1.14%) George Wallace – 565 (0.68%) Hubert Humphrey – 323 (0.39%) 1968 Democratic ... Kennedy – 2,305,148 (30.63%) Stephen M ...

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    President John F. Kennedy quoted this passage on the eve of his assassination in Dallas, Texas; recorded in Theodore C. Sorenson’s biography, Kennedy, Epilogue (1965)

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